On February 24th, Xvisio Technology, a start-up focusing on developing of XR Visual simultaneous localization and mapping (VSLAM) and XR (collective name for VR, AR and MR) products, announced that it has completed the A1 round of financing of RMB 10mn+ led by Sinopharm-CICC subsidiary CAC Fund. Tianjin Hetai, Zimingxintou Investment, Tongrun Technology Investment, Ruihe Capital, Unicom Xinwo Investment, and other investors also participated. Creekwood Investment served as the financial advisor. The company was invested by Casstar, Junsan Capital, and Shenzhen Capital Group in the last round. The proceeds will be used to accelerate the development and deployment of XR technology in medical, industrial, education, entertainment, and other industries.

Xvisio Technology is a start-up focusing on the development of XR Visual simultaneous localization and mapping (VSLAM) and XR (a collective name for VR, AR and MR) products. Currently headquartered in Shanghai, the company was founded in Silicon Valley back in 2016 and operates R&D centers in Silicon Valley and Europe. Xvisio owns industry-leading R&D teams in China and overseas and 20+ IPs in algorithms, hardware, software, system, and applications. The main products are SeerSense™ module, SeerLens™series XR glass and customized development services. The company serves customers from various leading companies in respective industries in Japan, the US, Europe, etc.
Patiently developing core IP, building the path to the Metaverse
4 industries are considered to grow along with the fast development of the Metaverse: the integration of the virtual world and reality, carefree creation, social collaboration, and decentralized transactions. Perceptual interaction is the basis for realizing the integration of the virtual world and reality. Since establishment, Xvisio has been focusing on the research and development of the core technology of perceptual interaction and solutions in XR industry. The company is committed to bridge the virtual world and reality. Xvisio SlimEdge XR is an original XR perception interaction co-processing unit built on independent chips, which is developed by Xvisio. It includes SLAM engine, depth engine, AI inference engine, audio and video processing engine, eye control gesture engine, etc. The above engines constitute the perception interaction, which is the basis for understanding the world.

The next decade will be the era of the Metaverse. Xvisio will continue to build the core technology of XR perception and interaction, as well as the customized industry solutions that facilitate the digital transformation and the implementation of the Metaverse. "We will be more open to collaborations with industries and accelerate the deployment of the technology." said Mr. Lin Qiong, the founder and CEO of Xvisio, "This is a once-in-a-decade opportunity. We must build our strength, polish our products, and grow together with the industry. We appreciate the trust from our investors.”
Deployment in various industry verticals
Like most new technologies, XR technology will go through the three stages of To G, To B, and To C. In the early stage of industrial applications, use cases in industrial remote control, education, medical, and entertainment are the most important. For industrial use cases, remote maintenance can greatly reduce the cost of communication and achieve sharing of resources. Currently, Xvisio is working with Alibaba, Baidu and other institutions to deepen the collaboration in related fields. For medical industry, spatial positioning, digital twinning, and virtual-real integration are use cases for Xvisio solutions. Currently, Xvisio is collaborating with top medical institutions to develop the application of AR glasses technology in ophthalmology, oral cavity, orthopedics, and other medical scenarios.
Mr. Yan Xiaolong, the sector head of medical projects in Creekwood, said that “Xvisio is a leading XR solution provider focusing on perception and interaction. The core product integrates the underlying technology unit into the Slim Edge XR platform, which provides interactive functions of XR glasses, and that can be adapted to various devices. Xvisio can achieve easy application across different platforms and break the monopoly of giants. Major manufacturers such as Apple, Huawei, and Xiaomi have deployed ARVR glasses are also developing AR VR glasses. We believe Xvisio will launch more attractive products and lead the industry.”

About Creekwood Capital:
Creekwood is a boutique investment bank under Blue Lotus Capital Advisors, focusing on medicine, science & technology, and other fields. It has helped more than 33 projects to raise more than RMB 4 billion through financing since its establishment in December 2014. Creekwood has offices in Shenzhen, Shanghai. For financing needs, please contact: bp@creekwoodinv.com