Blue Lotus

June 21, 2022
On June 21st, Shanghai Simple Touch Co., LTD. (hereinafter referred to as "Simple Touch"), a surgical robot company, announced the completion of A+ round financing of USD 10 million+ led by Walden International. Creekwood Investment served as the long-term exclusive financial adviser. Regardless of negative epidemic impact on business activities, Simple Touch has completed two consecutive rounds of financing within just half a year in 2022. The proceeds will be used for NMPA registration application, market development, brand building and continuous research and development of multi-pipeline products.

Simple Touch was founded only three years ago and several of its products are progressing rapidly. The tumor puncture surgical robot is about to complete clinical trials and start the NMPA registration application. The puncture surgical robot has been fully validated with clinical data in hospitals in Shanghai and Anhui. Its puncture surgical robot provides a more accurate, efficient and safe therapeutic approach for various and complex surgical scenarios such as puncture biopsy and tumor ablation. At the same time, the company has also developed a series of products such as vascular interventional surgical robot and laparoscopic surgical robot based on the surgical robot research and development platform, which have greatly improved and supplemented the current surgical methods.

Walden International mentioned that "Simple Touch's puncture surgical robot products are technically original and have demonstrated their accuracy and efficiency in the clinical process of pulmonary nodule puncture. We believe that the company can develop more medical device products on this technology platform. The team led by Dr. Jian Liu has strong research and development and execution capabilities. We are very pleased to cooperate with the company and become the institutional shareholder. We believe Simple Touch's surgical robot products can not only serve domestic medical institutions and patients, but also serve overseas doctors and patients in the future."

Mr. Wen Tianli, founder and Chairman of Creekwood Investment, said, "It has only been a few months since the A round of financing, and Simple Touch has just completed USD 10+mn of A+ round funding. It is a great honor for Creekwood Investment to participate in as exclusive financial advisor again. In the past few months, several large medical device companies went to IPO. Because of commercialization outbreak of intelligent and web-based medical devices, domestic substitution is underway. We look forward to hearing about good news related to company’s product development and capital market activities again in the near future." Mr. Xiaolong Yan, the sector head of medical projects in Creekwood, emphasized that“Simple Touch’s team owns strong capabilities in research and development, innovation and product commercialization. On the basis of solving patients' disease problems and being highly consistent with treatment habits of clinicians, the products can be largely adopted by patients and doctors, which will lay a solid foundation for the success of Simple Touch’s surgical robot products.”
About Walden International:
Walden International Investment Group (Walden Group for short) is an international venture capital group founded in 1987, one of the most well-known venture capital institutions in the Asia Pacific region. The group currently manages more than $2bn in funds. Its headquarter is located in San Francisco, USA and operates in many major cities and countries in the Asia-pacific region, including China, Taiwan, Singapore, Malaysia, Hong Kong, the Philippines, Vietnam, India and Indonesia. In addition to providing funds for start-ups, Walden also provides funds for development funding and leveraged buyouts. The group invests in fast-growing, high-return industries such as telecommunications, healthcare, industrial engineering, consumer goods, financial services, lifestyle-related projects, building materials and infrastructure, etc.
About Creekwood Capital:
Creekwood is a boutique investment bank under Blue Lotus Capital Advisors, focusing on healthcare, technology, and other fields. It has helped more than 33 projects to raise more than RMB 4 billion through financing since its establishment in December 2014. Creekwood has offices in Shenzhen, Shanghai and Hongkong. For financing needs, please contact: bp@creekwoodinv.com